‘La herida es el lugar por donde entra la luz’ (Poeta Rûmî , 1207-1273) 


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La Triguna nos habla de tres Gunas o cualidades con las que se compone todo universo físico, incluyendo los pensamientos y los deseos. Estos elementos inseparables Tamas (la oscuridad), Rajas (la actividad) y Sattva (la inteligencia) vibran con distintas frecuencias y varían a lo largo de un perfeccionamiento progresivo, siendo el objetivo un equilibrio cercano a la sabiduría.

Basándome en esta filosofía, reinterpreto la técnica del Kintsugi donde la herida pasa de ser un trazo en la oscuridad, a una ventana de luz. Es la obra como una idea del ser herido y recompuesto, un valor único permanente de cambio.

Los viejos y usados tejidos conservan aquí su propia historia al mostrar las heridas y cicatrices como tributo a las vidas que existieron. La armonía cromática, la composición junto a la palabra y la fuerza de un mensaje, se conjugan ahora por capas como un encuentro intimo entre pasado y presente.

 Helga Grollo


                                                                                                                                                                              ‘TRIGUNA, los tres hilos’ – Solo show Sep.2021



Ancient buddhist monks tailored their robes out of weathered garments’ scraps. With identical volition, that of bringing back to life what once lived, HG makes use of linen and hemp fabrics that were skin before to once stretched out on their frame, and with the solidity of monochrome, create harmonic, lettered compositions. And so it is that one of the here depicted work’s characteristics is to avail itself from another ancient tradition, the Cabala, which extracts its meanings from the combination of letters. The visible and the audible.

According to old traditions of yore, the passage of death entailed the loss of tact, taste and smell. A clinch to the visual and the aural. That is, in my view, Grollo’s wager on her work, in which lettering and colour become a key of senses for the artistic revelation. Written word is in these painting the liase between what is seen and what listened, the two noblest of all senses. Lettering reminisces the presence of the sonic word. The one that brings forward a mental image and is capable to penetrate the weave of the world (tissue and colour). The one capable of conjuring the three threads (triguna) of which, in hindi tradition, all things were made; each creature and every desire. There’s something in the visual that bewitches the eye and prevents it from permeating deeper into itself. The image reveals and conceals. The spoken word alone is allowed to penetrate the visual and deny the provisional contour of things.

The fabric conceals a different spell, perhaps deepest, in which contours are quite lost and the individual dissolved. That is the aimed background of G’s work. The backhand of a plot in which a double essence dwells: spirit and nature. If one is set to rekindle it, accepting the invitation to walk through the canvases of the show will suffice.

Juan Arnau, Valencia 1968 (Astrophysicist, philosopher and writer. Member of Granada’s University)



                                                                                                                                                                                          ‘AL SUR DEL CIELO’, 2021 (220×180 cm.)



      ‘INGRAVITY’, 2021  (220×180 cm.)



                                                                                                                                                                                 ‘ANDRÓMEDA’, 2021 (220×180 cm.)

‘LA TRIGUNA’, 2021 (180X220 cm.)

‘LAS TRES GUNAS’, 2021 (40X30 cm.)


Exhibición Centre del Carme Cultura Contemporànea 23.09.21 / 31.10.21









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